How We Work


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Our mission is to provide you with the best product and the best customer service. We measure our
success on how well our product meets your goals.

“Tim Phillips has true vision and creates magic no matter the project. The Olathe Public Schools Foundation has used Open Road Productions for several videos and we were always blown away with the results. There is no doubt we will absolutely continue using Tim’s services. There is no one easier to work with, nor will you ever find a better result.” Cody Kennedy, Olathe Public Schools Foundation

Your experience with us will include four phases:

1. Consultation: What sets Open Road Productions apart is the value we place on listening to your project ideas before discussing a plan to meet your needs. There is no charge for a consultation. If you find that we’re a good fit, then we’ll move forward from there.

2. Pre-production: The planning process is often overlooked by many producers. Not so at Open Road Productions. We place a high priority on determining your goal before moving forward. We’ll ask you the tough questions up front to ensure we keep our focus on meeting your needs. This stage
includes identifying your goal, creating a project road map, writing the script (if applicable), and setting all the production pieces in place.

3. Production: This is when the real action begins. It includes videotaping, audio recording, selecting music, graphics and animations creation, and acquisition of all the important pieces of the production.

4. Post-production: This is the time when you see your vision come together. Up to this point in the process, our focus has been on making sure the production elements are of the highest quality. We now turn our attention to making your completed video even better than the sum of its parts.

Contact us to see what we can create for you.